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A Data-Driven Alternative to Teacher Observations

I recently posted two discussions on LinkedIn questioning the need, viability and justification for continuing with the current system of teacher evaluation: “TEACHER OBSERVATIONS DON’T WORK… BUT WHY?” and “WHY ARE TEACHERS EVALUATED?” The results showed wide ranging disparity on … Continue reading

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Teacher observations are but one of two elephants in the teacher’s lounge. The other is student grading, but we can only wrangle one elephant at a time, so let’s pick the biggest and the orneriest. I love teaching, enjoy the … Continue reading

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What is your ROI for Teacher Observations?

ROI – Return on Investment. In business, the term “return on investment” (ROI) is used to measure the “rate of return” on money invested in a commercial venture that will decide whether or not to continue down that particular road. … Continue reading

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I honestly do not know. When I started teaching, the idea of being “evaluated” was a foreign – almost bizarre – concept. As a doctor who had completed my studies and subsequent internship I was deemed “qualified” to treat patients. … Continue reading

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