Why all the testing?

What do you believe (in one sentence) is the #1 reason behind all the testing that is on rise today. Feel free to add any evidence or documentation to support your opinion (not wanting to exasperate, irritate or alienate all the CCSS aficionados out there), but I would like to keep the reason itself simple, so one sentence please.

Here is my reason – “Our students are underachieving on an epidemic scale.”

If schools were churning out Rhodes Scholars or problem solvers on a grand scale (which given their access to all the information of Earth on their cell phones seems not too unreasonable a request), we teachers would not find ourselves under the microscope where we are today.

Feel free to contribute, but please limit your reason itself to one sentence.

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2 Responses to Why all the testing?

  1. In one sentence: T confirm what the teacher already knows but to have the evidence because in some cases the teacher is not believed.

  2. Tom Layton says:

    Because educators cannot think of anything else to do.

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