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What is a “free chicken dinner?”

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(* Yes, this is a photo of me giving a Free Chicken Dinner as a doctor, many years ago!) Professionals are always looking for new “customers”. To attract them, they need to create an atmosphere, or a draw where, when … Continue reading

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Educational Consulting vs. Practice Management

Teachers are doing lots of work. Administration is also doing lots of work. So why are we not experiencing the rewards of all this great work? Why are our numbers dismally low, particularly in urban city school districts? To answer … Continue reading

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Everything is so unfair!

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I saw this photograph and thought of the many articles, blogs, posts, discussions, books I read – along with all the conversations I hear from both teachers and students alike. Everyone is unfair – teachers, principals, guidance counselors, students, students’ … Continue reading

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Teachers Don’t Need Practice Management… or so they think

(This is a composite of responses I hear from teachers whenever I bring up the subject of delivering practice management to teachers. And by practice management, I do not mean classroom management. I mean having every teacher treat his or … Continue reading

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