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Because they are looking in the wrong place. A recent article written by Ryan Fuller, a former space engineer now teacher, stated that, “Teaching isn’t rocket science. It’s harder. To solve engineering problems, you use your brain. Solving classroom problems … Continue reading

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What do we expect from students?

So often the discussion revolves around “teacher expectations,” and that is important. But since it is all about the student, then why aren’t we focusing more on “student” expectations first? Here are a few that should top any list. These … Continue reading

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Electronic Gradebooks – Are there any negatives?

As a doctor in private practice during the 80’s and 90’s, computers were just beginning to make a change in how offices were run. The term “paperless office” was just words as most doctors could never envision how such a … Continue reading

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Vision vs. Mission Statements… the chicken or egg?

Vision and Mission – What’s the difference and why does it matter? If you have read my blogs, you know my intent is to put information out there that teachers can use the next day on the job in their … Continue reading

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